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Announcing Knative 1.10 Release ΒΆ

Published on: 2023-04-28 ,  Revised on: 2023-06-01

Announcing Knative 1.10 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components.

Follow the instructions in Installing Knative to install the components you require.

This release brings a number of smaller improvements to the core Knative Serving and Eventing components, and several improvements to specific plugins.

Table of Contents


Release Notes

🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • Container-freezer has been sunset in Knative v1.10. (#13830, @psschwei)
  • Controller uses TLS 1.3 as the minimum version when communicating with image registries for tag to digest resolution (#13886, @izabelacg)

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Adds support for downwardAPI sources in projected volumes on Knative Services (#13896, @KauzClay)
  • Controllers now have liveness and readiness probes (#13563, @skonto)
  • With enabling internal-encryption, activator pods needed to be restarted when certificates are updated. The restart is not necessary anymore. (#13854, @nak3)
  • ImagePullSecrets with references to unknown service accounts won't error out anymore but fail silently like Kubernetes. (#13701, @Bisht13)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where certificates would not get renewed when using auto-tls. (#13666, @KauzClay)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • APIServerSource events includes apiVersion of the object (#6696, @gab-satchi)
  • SecurityContext settings for ApiServerSource's Receive Adapter's container/deployment (#6788, @matzew)
  • Set to true for API Server Source adapter pods for Istio integration. (#6789, @pierDipi)
  • Allow event display to log requests, when REQUEST_LOGGING_ENABLED environment variable is set to true, the feature is explicitly discouraged for production usage due to the possibility of logging sensitive information (#6764, @pierDipi)
  • Removes deprecated DeadLetterChannel in favor of DeliveryStatus (#6722, @Vishal-Chdhry)
  • Remove label from resources, use standard label instead. (#6807, @Abhishek357)
  • Add Broker class in kubectl get -o wide (#6723, @Vishal-Chdhry)

Bug fixes

  • πŸ› Fixes an issue where a Cloud Event in a response from a sink was truncated to 1024 bytes (#6758, @gab-satchi)
  • πŸ› Use debug level logging for noisy scheduler logs (#6705, @matzew)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Add 'kn service wait' for deployment status check (#1800, @manoelmarques)
  • Add experimental filters to trigger describe cmd (#1794, @dsimansk)
  • Add kn secret commands group for managing secrets (#1791, @dsimansk)

Bug or Regression

  • Fix issue with newer linter version (#1777, @rhuss)
  • Fix run-as-nonRoot containers (#1787, @mgencur)
  • Fix deprecated functions related to Go 1.20 (#1779, @scottmason88)
  • Fix tagging of kn container image for latest releases (#1792, @dsimansk)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Adding func config git command and subcommands to handle intial support of Pipelines as Code (#1594, @zroubalik)
  • Adds support for Git-based deploy options to be configured using CLI flags (#1604, @zroubalik)
  • Adds support for branches and tags when adding a template repository using func repository add (#1558, @lance)
  • Commands such as envs can be referred to by their singular form env and vice-versa. Commands with well-known command synonyms were added as aliases, such aslabels delete now supports labels rm (#1578, @lkingland)
  • Current function values more accurately reflected in 'deploy' command help text. Builds cache more frequently when running func deploy (#1434, @lkingland)
  • Enables Dapr runtime support from within Functions. Dapr control plane install required. (#1518, @lkingland)
  • Enables custom health checks for Node.js and TypeScript functions (#1682, @lance)
  • On cluster builds initiated from the CLI attempt to read git configuration settings from the local .git config (#1635, @zroubalik)
  • Removes default endpoints from func.yaml to improve file legibility (#1555, @lance)
  • Update Rust templates dependencies and UTs for Actix 4.x (#1661, @andrejusc)
  • Update springboot templates to Spring Boot 3.0.5 (#1658, @andrejusc)
  • Uses locally configured Git branch for on-cluster builds (#1636, @zroubalik)


  • Adds Tekton Tasks to release artifacts. (#1557, @lance)
  • Fixes an issue where Node.js and TypeScript functions are not killed immediately on SIGHUP (#1570, @lance)

Bug or Regression

  • Fix: build stamp computation (#1608, @matejvasek)
  • Fix: s2i build when node_modules present (#1612, @matejvasek)
  • Fix: s2i python build on Windows (#1641, @matejvasek)

API Change

  • A new option "--builder" added to "run" command to be used when building. Default is "pack" (#1614, @manoelmarques)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Fixes issue where global settings for --verbose and --confirm were sometimes not considered Removes the --version flag; please use the 'version' subcommand. (#1564, @lkingland)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Allow to set HostNetwork via spec.deployments.hostNetwork (#1363, @kahirokunn)

Bug Fixes

  • Added the ingress and source paths into the status.manifests (#1415, thanks @houshengbo)
  • Add the image overriding support for StatefulSet (#1413, thanks @houshengbo)
  • Allow to set HostNetwork via spec.deployments.hostNetwork (#1363, thanks @kahirokunn)

Thank you, contributors

Release Leads:

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