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Contribute to Knative

This is the starting point for becoming a contributor - improving code, improving docs, giving talks, etc. Here are a few ways to get involved.


If you want to contribute to Knative, you must do the following:

For more information about how the Knative community is run, see About the Knative community.

Contribute to the code

Knative is a diverse, open, and inclusive community. Development takes place in the Knative org on GitHub.

Your own path to becoming a Knative contributor can begin in any of the following components, look for GitHub issues marked with the good first issue label.

Contribute code samples to the community

Do you have a Knative code sample that demonstrates a use-case or product integration that will help someone learn about Knative?

Beyond the official documentation there are endless possibilities for combining tools, platforms, languages, and products. By submitting a tutorial you can share your experience and help others who are solving similar problems.

Community tutorials are stored in Markdown files under the code-samples/community. These documents are contributed, reviewed, and maintained by the community.

Submit a Pull Request to the community sample directory under the Knative component folder that aligns with your document. For example, Knative Serving samples are under the serving folder. A reviewer will be assigned to review your submission. They’ll work with you to ensure that your submission is clear, correct, and meets the style guide, but it helps if you follow it as you write your tutorial.

Learn and connect

Using or want to use Knative? Have any questions? Find out more here:

Community Meetups

New to Knative or built something cool? Share your impressions by presenting at the Knative Community Meetup! Use this form to sign up to present.

Catch up with past community meetups on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for new events by subscribing to the calendar (iCal export file) and following us on Twitter.

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