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Knative Functions overview

Knative Functions provides a simple programming model for using functions on Knative, without requiring in-depth knowledge of Knative, Kubernetes, containers, or dockerfiles.

Knative Functions enables you to easily create, build, and deploy stateless, event-driven functions as Knative Services by using the func CLI.

When you build or run a function, an Open Container Initiative (OCI) format container image is generated automatically for you, and is stored in a container registry. Each time you update your code and then run or deploy it, the container image is also updated.

You can create functions and manage function workflows by using the func CLI, or by using the kn func plugin for the Knative CLI.

Function templates

Knative Functions provides templates that can be used to create basic functions, by initiating a function project boilerplate when you run a create command.

Templates allow you to choose the language and invocation format for your function. The following templates are available with both CloudEvent and HTTP invocation formats:

Language packs

Functions can be written in any language supported by the available language packs.

Getting started with functions

Before you can use Knative Functions, you must have access to a Knative development environment. To set up a development environment, you can follow the Knative Quickstart tutorial.

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